Dental Technology

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At Legacy Dental, we take pride in our dental technology. We use our systems to help aid in the diagnosis and prevention of oral diseases.

At Legacy Dental, our goal is to prevent and diagnose oral diseases before they become significant problems. We use dental technology to help identify these risks, and provide you with a personalized plan to suit your needs.


Our CEREC machine allows us to complete a ceramic crown, veneer or onlay in a single visit. Using the CEREC machine a digital model of your teeth is made, the restoration is designed on the computer, and the missing tooth structure is milled in about 20 minutes using our computerized milling machine.

CEREC fillings or restorations can be milled from various tooth coloured ceramic materials to match the colour of your natural tooth. Our team will create your veneer, crown, or onlay while you wait. A CEREC procedure usually takes only one appointment to complete. 

Trios Intra-Oral Scanner

The Trios intra-oral scanner allows us to make digital models of your teeth without the use of dental impressions. These digital models can be transmitted anywhere in the world with the touch of a button.

These digital models can be used to fabricate a variety of dental appliances such as crowns, veneers, bridges, orthodontic appliances, sports guards, and grinding appliances, to name just a few.


The Waterlase is a hard and soft tissue laser that can be used to provide a number of different dental treatments. This laser allows us to reshape both hard and soft tissue during dental procedures. 

For filling appointments, it can cut through the hardest tissue in the human body (the enamel) without the use of heat, vibrations, or the risk of contamination, and with anesthetic.

This laser system is also a non-surgical treatment for gum disease (also called periodontal disease). After conventional scaling and root planning treatment, the Waterlase can provide additional benefits by further cleaning the root surface, disinfecting diseased tissue, and reshaping inflamed and swollen gum tissues.

The Waterlase can also be used for many other surgical procedures.

Solea Dental Laser

Solea is a dental laser that will replace the dental drill in the majority of procedures in our practice. It may help in removing the need for anesthesia for some patients because they don’t need it.

Solea is a CO2 dental laser system used for hard, soft and osseous tissue procedures. It offers a unique wavelength guided by computers to deliver dental procedures for both teeth and gums, including cavities and more complicated surgeries. The laser helps our dentists perform anesthesia-free procedures, and perform fillings and soft tissue procedures in a single appointment.

3-D Cone Beam X-Rays

We use this technology to create three dimensional views of the face, neck, and teeth, allowing us to diagnose and visualize our patient's teeth, bone and soft tissue in more depth.

With a single 13-second scan, we can quickly see computer-generated views from any angle in 3D and in colour! Our 3-D cone beam imaging can help provide our team with information to help detect diseases before they become a problem.

The Wand™

We understand that some patients have a fear of visiting the dentists. At Legacy Dental we use The Wand™ to help patients overcome their anxiety. This helps deliver anesthetics successfully, to ensure you are relaxed during your entire appointment.

Other Dental Technology

Our practice will use digital radiographs (x-rays) as well as inter-oral photographs that we put up on the big screen to take a tour of your mouth with you.

We want you to actively participate in your own treatment and really understand what we're recommending to you. This will let you see the final result of your treatment for yourself.

Our office also maintains paperless, computerized medical records. 

For more information about CEREC or Waterlase Dentistry, please contact us to talk and schedule your consultation today.

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