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How To Tell If You Need a Dental Filling

Posted Mar 18th, 2023 in General Dentistry

If you have a cavity, you will likely need a dental filling to restore your tooth. In this post, our Lethbridge dentists explain why you'd need a filling, and describe different types to consider depending on your needs.

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How Can I Prevent Periodontitis?

Posted Mar 4th, 2023 in General Dentistry

Periodontal disease can negatively affect not only our oral health but our overall physical health. Today, our Lethbridge dentists define periodontitis and offer tips on what you can do to help fight and avoid it.

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How to Avoid Needing a Root Canal

Posted Feb 18th, 2023 in General Dentistry

While a root canal is an effective way to treat an infected tooth, it's always best to avoid needing one in the first place! We believe prevention is the first line of defence. Here, our Lethbridge dentists explain how you can avoid needing a root canal.

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Dentistry for the Entire Family: How Dental Services Differ by Age

Posted Feb 4th, 2023 in General Dentistry

Your family's dental needs will change as they progress through different stages of life. In this post, our Lethbridge dentists explain the ins and outs of family dentistry and how we help kids, teens, adults and seniors keep their smiles healthy.

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Dental Appliances Can Help You With Sleep Apnea

Posted Jan 21st, 2023 in General Dentistry

Sleep is essential to your health and wellbeing, and sleep disorders can seriously impact physical health. There are dental appliances available to help treat sleep apnea, and today our [SITEWIDE-LOCATION] dentists explain the options.

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Do's and Don'ts After Dental Fillings

Posted Jan 7th, 2023 in General Dentistry

If you’ve got a cavity, having a dental filling placed by your dentist is a necessary procedure. There are a few tips that can make the time immediately following the filling a bit easier. Our Lethbridge dentists offer some advice about what you should and should not do after a filling.

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Types of TMJ Disorders

Posted Nov 10th, 2022 in General Dentistry

The temporomandibular joint, commonly called TMJ, is one of the most complex joints in the human body. Here, our Lethbridge dentists describe three main types of disorders of the TMJ joint.

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Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes

Posted Oct 13th, 2022 in General Dentistry

Both manual and electric toothbrushes can be used to effectively clean your teeth. Here, our Lethbridge dentists discuss the benefits that electric toothbrushes may offer, depending on your needs.

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Root Canals: Are they really that bad?

Posted Sep 15th, 2022 in General Dentistry

In the past, a tooth with nerve damage would probably need to be removed. These days, however, our Lethbridge dentists can perform a root canal procedure to save a tooth with minimal time and discomfort. 

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Components of an Effective Oral Hygiene Routine

Posted Aug 18th, 2022 in General Dentistry

An effective oral hygiene routine is more than just regular brushing and flossing. At Legacy Dental, our [SITEWIDe][LOCATION] dentists and hygienists review all the steps you should take to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

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